About Jeremy Flowers

Jeremy Flowers is an Orlando based photographer specializing in Architecture, Interiors, Commercial Spaces.

Currently residing just outside of Orlando, FL, Jeremy has always had a distinct and discerning creative eye. It wasn't until after he found himself taking up an offer to photograph a few homes for a local Real Estate Photography company owned by his father-in-law that he realized his true passion. What started out as a way to make a few quick bucks turned into a passion to create the best possible images which continues to this day.

Jeremy uses both natural and artificial light where appropriate to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every image captured is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail. Jeremy remains very focused when shooting and always strives to produce images above and beyond his clients expectations, whether photographing a small home or a multi-million dollar estate.

When Jeremy isn’t photographing architecture and interiors, he is usually spending time with his wife and their 3 children or working on exciting new projects which include anything from photographing nature or landscapes while exploring Florida's preserved parks or historical sites; to capturing images of the architecture of downtown Orlando or other nearby major cities.